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Annual 2021-2022 Class Schedule

 Please note: this schedule is tentative until the Registrar publishes the final schedule in Caesar.

2021-2022 Annual Course Schedule Table
Course # Course Title Fall Winter Spring


BIOL_SCI 101-6-01 College Seminar - Promises and Perils: The Social Reality of Biology Marcelo Vinces



BIOL_SCI 101-6-02 College Seminar - Pollination Ecology: From Conservation to Extinction Paul CaraDonna


BIOL_SCI 101-6-03 College Seminar - The Immortal Cell: The Biology, Medical Implications, and Bioethics Surrounding Stem Cell Research Jennifer Brace


BIOL_SCI 101-6-04 College Seminar John Mordacq


BIOL_SCI 101-6- College Seminar - Wonders of Biology

Vinzenz Unger

BIOL_SCI 115-6 College Seminar - Biological Thought & Action Michele McDonough & WIliam Leonard


BIOL_SCI 116-6 College Seminar Lukas Flores


BIOL_SCI 103-0

Diversity of Life Gary Galbreath Gary Galbreath

BIOL_SCI 109-0

The Nature of Plants Paul CaraDonna


BIOL_SCI 201-0

Molecular Biology Jennifer Brace & Hilary Truchan

BIOL_SCI 202-0

Cell Biology Sadie Wignall & Laura Lackner

BIOL_SCI 203-0

Genetics & Evolution Erik Andersen & Joseph Walsh

BIOL_SCI 232-0

Molecular & Cellular Processes Laboratory  John Mordacq & Jennifer Brace

BIOL_SCI 233-0

Genetics & Molecular Processes Laboratory  Jennifer Brace & John Mordacq

BIOL_SCI 234-0

Investigative Laboratory  John Mordacq & Hilary Truchan

BIOL_SCI 301-0

Principles of Biochemistry Heather Pinkett & Tom Meade


BIOL_SCI 240-0

Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology for ISP 1 Vinzenz Unger

BIOL_SCI 241-0

Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology for ISP 2 Vinzenz Unger


BIOL_SCI 302-0


Fundamentals of Neurobiology Tracy Hodgson
BIOL_SCI 303-0  Molecular Neurobiology  Tracy Hodgson
BIOL_SCI 307-0 Brain Structure, Function, & Evolution  Tracy Hodgson
BIOL_SCI 310-0 Human Physiology Tracy Hodgson Christine McCary
BIOL_SCI 315-0 Advanced Cell Biology Gregory Beitel
BIOL_SCI 323-0 Bioinformatics: Sequence & Structure Analysis  Ishwar Radhakrishnan
BIOL_SCI 325-0 Animal Physiology Tracy Hodgson Tracy Hodgson
BIOL_SCI 327-0 Biology of Aging Jennifer Brace Jennifer Brace
BIOL_SCI 328-0 Microbiology Keara Lane
BIOL_SCI 333-0 Plant-Animal Interaction Paul CaraDonna
BIOL_SCI 336-0 Spring Flora Nyree Zerega
BIOL_SCI 337-0 Biostatistics Joseph Walsh
BIOL_SCI 338-0 Modeling Biological Dynamics Rosemary Braun
BIOL_SCI 339-0 Critical Topics in Ecology & Conservation Krissa Skogen
BIOL_SCI 341-0 Population Genetics Joseph Walsh
BIOL_SCI 342-0 Evolutionary Processes Joseph Walsh
BIOL_SCI 345-0  TOPIC: Forerunners of Mammals Laura Panko
BIOL_SCI 345-0  TOPIC: Principles & Methods in Systems Biology Richard Carthew
BIOL_SCI 346-0 Field Ecology Joseph Walsh
BIOL_SCI 349-0 Community Ecology Amy Iler
BIOL_SCI 350-0 Plant Evolution & Diversity Laboratory  Patrick Herendeen
BIOL_SCI 355-0 Immunobiology Hilary Truchan Hilary Truchan
BIOL_SCI 360-0 Principles of Cell Signaling  Reza Vafabakhsh 
BIOL_SCI 361-0 Protein Structure & Function  Amy Rosenzweig
BIOL_SCI 363-0 Biophysics Yuan He
BIOL_SCI 377-0 The Human Microbiome Hilary Truchan
BIOL_SCI 378-0 Functional Genomics Eric Weiss
BIOL_SCI 380-0 Biology of Cancer Xiaomin Bao
BIOL_SCI 381-0 Stem Cells & Regeneration Christian Petersen
BIOL_SCI 390-0 Advanced Molecular Biology Xioazhong Alec Wang
BIOL_SCI 391-0 Development & Evolution of Body Plans  Shelby Blythe
BIOL_SCI 393-0 Human Genomics Robert Holmgren
BIOL_SCI 397-0 Honors Colloquium Gary Galbreath


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