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Recent Prize Winners

There is also an annual competition for four special prizes based solely on the quality of the Senior Theses and the research they represent. Participation in this competition is not contingent upon participation in the Honors program; see Thesis guidelines. The prizes are named after prominent past faculty:

Prize Winners for 2021-22

David Shemin Prize for Basic Research

Eirene Fithian
Research Supervisor: Dr. Richard Morimoto
Morimoto Lab


Constance Campbell Prize for Basic Research

Felix Karthik

Research Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth McNally
McNally Lab



Neil Welker Undergraduate Teaching Assitant Award

Sara Ungerleider


Previous Prize Winners

David Shemin Prize for Basic Research

2021: Nikita Marcou
2020: Xiaoyi Hu
2018: Nicole Roberto
2017: Austin Micahel Stults
2016: Joseph Hsieh
2015: Joseph David Hurley
2014: Nicholas Xiao
2013: Michael Tran
2012: Jenny Yu
2011: John Froberg
2010: Mark Chen
2009: Jennifer Taylor

Irving Klotz Prize for Basic Research

2021: Mari Brady
2020: Anthony Kang
2018: Lauren Watchmaker
2017: Rachel Ka Ng
2016: Kelly Yom
2015: Maraika Olen Robinson
2014: Yujia Ding
2012: Margaret Sledd
2011: Abraham Bogachkov
2010: Kelsie Eichel
2009: Elizabeth Hines

Constance Campbell Prize for Basic Research

2021: Christopher Gonzalez Jr. & Michelle Ji
2019: Rebecca Fudge
2018: Selina Deiparine
2017: Gabrielle Marie Gillow
2017: Jeremy Edward Green
2015: Albert Sanghoom Song
2014: Lauren Sadowsky, Lillian Chen
2013: Monica Magda
2012: Shelley Mo
2011: Cristina Thomas
2010: Silvia McCandlish, Hatim Thakker
2009: Jennifer Young

Emanuel Margoliash Prize for Basic Research

2021: Sean Obrochta
2020: Ryder Easterlin
2019: Avi Dravid
2018: Justine Hung

2017: Yue Wen Deng
2017: Nicholas Gregory Griffiths
2016: Jonathon McBride
2015: Kreena Karishma Patel
2014: Anisha Arora
2013: Maria Wang
2011: Abbey Thompson
2010: Alexandra Gast
2009: Swati Patel

Neil Welker Award for Excellence in Laboratory Coursework

2014: Alex Urban
2013: Ting He
2012: Monika Murphy
2011: Ryan Jozwiak
2010: Elyssa Katz
2009: Sean Chu

Neil Welker Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award

2019: Grace Park
2016: Robert Coukos

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