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Recent Honors Recipients

The Program in Biological Sciences confers Honors to a select set of graduating seniors, based partly on grades within the major, but more particularly on the quality of research and writing evidenced in formal Senior Theses.

2019 Program Honors in Biological Sciences


Sarah Bier

Confirmation and localization of putative Type II secreted effectors involved in Legionella pneumophila pathogenesis

Research Supervisor: Dr. Nicholas Cianciotto    Cianciotto Lab


Jin Young Chang

Studying effects of sub-cellular pattern sizes on cancer cell migration

Research Supervisor: Dr. Chad Mirkin    Mirkin Lab


Avi Dravid

Hygrosensation in the fruit fly Drosophila: Examining the role of sacculus structure and the hygroreceptor IR40a in humidity preference

Research Supervisor: Dr. Marco Gallio    Gallio Lab


Rebecca Fudge

Investigation of notch receptors in ovarian granulosa cell proliferation

Research Supervisor: Dr. Kelly Mayo     Mayo Lab


Gwang Min (Joshua) Han

The role of the Drosophila fat body proteasome in diet restriction-induced lifespan extension and circadian rhythms

Research Supervisor: Dr. Ravi Allada    Allada Lab


Christina Liu

Establishment of a new chemical biology approach to studying pioneer transcription factors

Research Supervisor: Dr. Mitchell Wang    Wang Lab


Grace Park

Identifying genetic determinants of avermectin resistance in Caenorhabditis elegans

Research Supervisor: Dr. Erik Andersen    Andersen Lab


Chirag (CJ) Patel

The role of Dop in Hedgehog signaling in Drosophila melanogaster

Research Supervisor: Dr. Robert Holmgren     Holmgren Lab


Shin Young (Grace) Yu

Reversal of the obesity-induced exacerbation of psoriasis by an adiponectin mimetic

Research Supervisor: Dr. Ken Paller    Paller Lab


Emily Zaniker

Building a microfluidic model of polycystic ovarian syndrome: optimizing biocompatible plastics and generating adipocyte spheroids

Research Supervisor: Dr. Teresa Woodruff    Woodruff Lab



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