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Recent Honors Recipients

The Biological Sciences Undergraduate Major confers Honors to a select set of graduating seniors, based partly on grades within the major, but more particularly on the quality of research and writing evidenced in formal Senior Theses.

2020-21 Honors in Biological Sciences

 Marta Amador Molina 

"Understanding changes in expression of CHD2 in cortical organoid development"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Gemma Carvill 


Hannah Bertucci

"Preliminary assessment of phage specificity on a Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm using optical coherence tomography (OCT) in an optimized microfluidic flow cell system"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Erica Hartmann


Mari Brady

"The role of the AFF1 protein in the function of the super elongation complex as an inhibitor of epidermal differentiation"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Xiaomin Bao 


Abigael Bridgemohan

"Comparison of dopamine signal strength and attenuation during compulsive and habitual behavior in Sapap3 mouse model"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Talia Lerner


Christopher Gonzalez Jr.

"Determining the antineoplastic effects of combinatorial inhibition of the P13K alpha catalytic isoform and ULK1 on glioblastoma stem-like cancer cells"

Research Supervisors: Dr. Frank Eckerdt and Dr. Elspeth Beauchamp

Michelle Ji

"The effect of adolescent stress on adult behavior is sexually dimorphic in a congenic strain generated for an X-linked QTL for passive coping and anxiety"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Eva Redei


Nikita Marcou

"Optimization of the SLAMSeq method for analyzing the role of nuclear pore complex proteins in transcription and mRNA buffering in Saccharomyces cerevisiae "

Research Supervisor: Dr. Jason Brickner


Mary McCarthy

"Conservation of Num1 and Mdm36—components of a mitochondria-endoplasmic reticulum-cell cortex anchor"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Laura Lackner


Sean Obrochta 

"Shifts in gut microbiome with migration in urban Canada geese"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Katherine Amato


Bassel Shannab

"Inter-regional differences in oxidative stress in atrial regions – a detailed immunohistochemical analysis of canine atrial tissue in atrial fibrillation"

Research Supervisor: Rishi Arora

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