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Recent Honors Recipients

The Biological Sciences Undergraduate Major confers Honors to a select set of graduating seniors, based partly on grades within the major, but more particularly on the quality of research and writing evidenced in formal Senior Theses.

2022-23 Honors in Biological Sciences

Polina Cherepanova

"Investigating cortico-striatal interactions across diverse movement subtypes within climbing"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Miri 


Niko DiStefano

"Exploring the clinical significance of proteoforms of ApoA1, ApoC3, and ApoE in cardiovascular disease: a proteomic approach"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Neil Kelleher


Troy Fisher

"Individual ion mass spectrometry for the characterization of Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha, Interleukin-8, and Interleukin-10 at single proteoform resolution"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Neil Kelleher


Julia Greenwood

"Structural and functional analysis of the substrate binding protein NTHI-0310 in nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Heather Pinkett


Trevor Hintz

"Endogenous metastable proteins as sensors of proteostatic stress in C .elegans"

Research Supervisors: Dr. Richard Morimoto

Eleanor Pope

"Investigating the pathophysiology of PACS1 Syndrome using Iinduced pluripotent stem-cell-derived models"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Alicia Guemez-Gamboa


Sumit Sen

"Generation of Caenorhabditis elegans degron-tagged beta-tubulin"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Erik Andersen


Alex Solivan

"Cross-Linked tumor lysate spherical nucleic acids as cancer vaccines"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Chad Mirkin


Nikola Stanic

"Liposomal spherical nucleic acid cellular uptake, processing and retention in murine macrophages"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Chad Mirkin


Cece Stumpf

"Characterizing novel costs of virulence expression in Salmonella enterica"

Research Supervisor: Keara Lane


Anna Yamazaki

"Repeated behavioral testing from adolescence to adulthood results in cognitive decline in a genetic rat model of depression and stress-hyperreactivity"

Research Supervisor: Eva Redei


Cindy Zhao

"Designing and characterizing metastable protein biosensors for monitoring proteostasis in C. elegans"

Research Supervisor: Richard Morimoto