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Recent Honors Recipients

The Biological Sciences Undergraduate Major confers Honors to a select set of graduating seniors, based partly on grades within the major, but more particularly on the quality of research and writing evidenced in formal Senior Theses.

2021-22 Honors in Biological Sciences

 Sheila Alizedah

"GPCR C-terminal Tail Role in β-arrestin Recruitment"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Reza Vafabakhsh 


Sophie Biehl

"An Investigation into the Mechanism of LAG-3"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Booki Min


Christopher Fedor

"Characterizing Binding and Internalization Kinetics of Linear Bivalent Protein Scaffolds in Live Cell Culture"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Milan Mrksich


Eirene Fithian

"Establishing A Quantitative Proteostasis Probe for Neuronal Signaling Receptor Trafficking Upon Protein Aggregation"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Richard Morimoto


Kyndall Hadley

"Using plant life-history traits to examine patterns of emergence and persistence in restoration"

Research Supervisors: Dr. Andrea Kramer

Elizabeth Hora

"Exploring environmental conditions that alter bacterial growth resumption using experimental and computational techniques"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Kiera Lane


Evan Kanatzidis

"Colorimetric and Fluorometric Optical Cuvette Sweat Sensing of Essential Biomarkers"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth McNally


Sarah Kim

"Exploring The Intersectionality Between Gut Microbiome, Circadian Rhythms, Aging, and Microgravity on Mice Health"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Martha Holtz Vitaterna


Clare Morton

"Investigating the link between stress resilience and lipid metabolism of the cbd-1 mutant in C. elegans"

Research Supervisor: Dr. Richard Morimoto


Lewis Oh

"Screening for PBAF Interacting Proteins in Regulating Epidermal Differentiation"

Research Supervisor: Xiaomin Bao


Annie Wang

"Understanding Dynamic Kinetochore-Microtubule Attachment"

Research Supervisor: Dileep Varma

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