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Research for Credit

The 398/399 Independent Research program offers extensive, for-credit, hands-on training and research. Assistance in finding laboratories that may be accepting undergraduates for academic year research positions can be obtained through the Science Research Workshop

BIOL SCI 398 Tutorial in Biology can be initiated at any time and involves:

Students can register for BIOL SCI 398 (P/N only) on Caesar without a permission number.  If no section of 398 exists for your faculty supervisor, please contact the BioSci Program Assistant.

Registration for the first quarter of BIOL SCI 399 requires:

Permissions will be issued only after the above requirements are met.  Permissions for subsequent quarters of BIOL SCI 399 can be obtained from the BioSci Program Assistant.

For more information on faculty labs and research: Northwestern and Affiliated Research Laboratories

For more information on Honors in Biological Sciences: Honors

For more information on Research Funding Opportunities: Grants and Fellowships

Please note that there can be no remuneration involved when taking BIOL SCI 398 or 399.

Research Library Assistance

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