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To provide insight into the vocational routes Biological Sciences majors have pursued after graduating, we have begun collecting representative examples.  Here are a few from recent graduates.  Biological Sciences alumni from earlier years are encouraged to send a brief description of their current vocations to the PBS Director.

Thomas Bielawiec (’14): “I'm working as a Clinical Research Coordinator for the Feinberg School of Medicine…coordinating the Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative for the Parkinson's Disease and Movements Disorder Center. So far, it has been a very engaging position and is providing me with a variety of new exposures which really complement my biology background from Northwestern and interests in medicine!” 

Tamara Nunez (’14): “I work at Northwestern Medicine Immediate Care Center in Deerfield as an Immediate Care Technician. I needed an EMT certification for this job; but being a biology major didn't hurt.” 

Eric Zinn (’12): “…I love doing research. Having the opportunity to apply the problem solving and critical thinking skills that [Professor Gaber] fostered and put to the test in [his] molecular genetics class (and in other classes at Northwestern) has been an absolute joy. I’ve decided that I want to pursue a PhD…”

Kathleen Leinweber (’13): “I [did a Master’s Degree] directly out of college and I am now working as a Research Assistant for IMPACT, the LGBT Health and Development Program at Feinberg School of Medicine in the Medical Social Sciences department. It's a wonderful opportunity, and they hire a lot of Northwestern students!

Katya Frimenko (’13): “I started dental school at University of Michigan right after I graduated from NU and am currently a D2. Future Biological Science majors could absolutely pursue careers in the field of oral health sciences, do oral health research, and/or work toward professional degrees in delivery of oral healthcare.  Needless to say, critical thinking certainly continues in dental school!” 

Justin Trop (’12): After I graduated, I went to Vietnam as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. After returning to the U.S., I worked (volunteered) with a health sciences and medical education initiative called…. I'm coming from Quito, Ecuador … where I spent a month studying Spanish and working on an initiative to start a 3-month preventive medicine residency program at a university in Quito (in partnership with Exciting stuff and amazing experiences! I'm so fortunate to have the opportunities to do these kinds of things.

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