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Ecology, Evolution, & Conservation Biology 2022-23

This concentration uses genomic and other tools to address questions about how, where, when, and why species evolve; to study ecology through topics like climate change, pollination, habitat fragmentation, and more; and to use genomic, spatial, and ecological data to address habitat restoration, rare species conservation, and natural areas management.

Through this concentration, students will gain a detailed understanding of the interactions between ecology and evolution, and the impact of climate change, habitat fragmentation, invasive species and other factors on biodiversity and ecosystem health. Students will learn how to apply genetic, spatial, and ecological data to address practical issues like habitat restoration, natural areas management, and biodiversity conservation. A background in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology allows students to have a foundational understanding of the natural world and to pursue careers in a wide variety of fields, including natural resources management, health, environmental policy, academia, and more.

This concentration involves collaboration and the opportunity to pursue research with scientists from the Chicago Botanic Garden.



Any three of the following courses:

Concentration Checklist

2022-23 Ecology, Evolution, & Conservation Biology Concentration Checklist

2022-23 Course Offerings in this Concentration*

Course #





BIOL_SCI 333-0 Plant-Animal Interaction Paul CaraDonna
BIOL_SCI 336-0 Spring Flora Nyree Zerega
BIOL_SCI 337-0 Biostatistics Joseph Walsh Joseph Walsh
BIOL_SCI 339-0 Critical Topics in Ecology and Conservation Rebecca Barak & Jeremie Fant
BIOL_SCI 341-0 Population Genetics Joseph Wash
BIOL_SCI 342-0 Evolutionary Processes Joseph Walsh
BIOL_SCI 347-0 Conservation Biology Joseph Walsh
BIOL_SCI 349-0 Plant Community Ecology Amy Iler
BIOL_SCI 350-0 Plant Evolution and Diversity Laboratory  Patrick Herendeen

*Course schedule considered tentative until published in Caesar

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