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Molecular Genetics & Genomics 2019-2020

Genetics is the study of the information system underlying biological systems and how it is transmitted across generations. Genomics is the analysis and manipulation of whole genomes of genetic information. Discoveries in these areas help elucidate the basis for living systems, and can identify the causes and potential cures for human disease.

Through this concentration, students will gain a detailed understanding of how cells encode, express, and pass on genetic information. The classes for this concentration use primary research sources to cover such cutting-edge topics as epigenetics (chromatin modification and its consequences), non-coding RNA (RNAi and micro RNAs), and application of molecular biology in biomedical research.


 The following courses are required in order to receive a Degree in the Program in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Molecular Genetics and Genomics:


*Reasonable alternatives among BIOL_SCI courses will be considered. You may contact the Associate Director about this.


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